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1,Av Ammar Ibn Yasser , El Menzah 6 Ariana
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Sublimate both western and eastern women is the ultimate challenge of turki house. She revisite the codes of beauty of the dress to the image of what she loves for an unfailing elegance. A work designed to reconcile both a great comfort and a seduction based on grace. Its concern is to combine the traditional with modern, elegance and simplicity while remaining in refinement and perfection. The materials chosen are light, fluid and worked for a balance and simplicity to lengthen the silhouettes and give the body its freedom. Olfa Turki is dazzled by the excellence of his work, his boundless creativity and his boundless imagination to marvel at us and make us travel to the country of a thousand and a dress. Seeing the dresses of olfa turki, the little girl who is in us wake up, the eyes are écarquillent because they are dresses straight out of a fairy tale, the eyes light up in front of the fabrics, the lace, the heart palpite In front of the majestic creations. We're already queen of one night, the most memorable night of our lives. What better than writing a new page of his life dressed by olfa turki? Turki's new showroom is located in menzah 6, designed by kubica design, each woman who is feeling exceptional, unique. If luxury is everywhere, it is affordable, and to wear every woman. Olfa Turki offers a product for all budgets.


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1,Av Ammar Ibn Yasser , El Menzah 6 Ariana

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Wedding dress
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